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Two Coastal Rowing live productions on two consecutive weekends

In continuation of similar productions for World Rowing, quattro media has secured the live production mandate for the Beach Sprint and Coastal Rowing World Championships.

The challenge? Almost 30 hours of live coverage. quattro media meticulously planned and flawlessly executed the live production for these two Coastal Rowing disciplines with a state-of-the-art OB-Van setup and 9 cameras (incl. 2 drones).

With expertise and precision, the team managed the intricacies of both Beach Sprint and Coastal Rowing, delivering uninterrupted live coverage to audiences worldwide. In addition to the extensive live broadcasts, quattro media is set to produce a captivating 26-minute highlight program specifically focusing on the exhilarating Beach Sprint event as well as a 90-minute sport summary of both events for the Italian national sports broadcaster RAI Sport.

This endeavor showcases our commitment to delivering top-notch live sports coverage, capturing the essence of these thrilling championships for fans around the globe.


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