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What we do #3

For more than 20 years, quattro media has played a pivotal role in transforming the recognition of outdoor sports programming.

quattro media is a global leading omni-channel sports media distribution company, offering and delivering stunning images to the entire media eco-system: from traditional national and private broadcasters, news agencies, internet publishers, social media, digital OTT platforms, mobile providers to out-of-home media such as public screens in gyms, bars, shopping malls and train stations to inflight programs of major airlines. We have built an extensive global media network with more than 8000 partners.

Our unique pro-active media distribution services enable us to deliver a massive worldwide media impact and thereby to generate a significant sponsorship value for our clients.

quattro media's distribution services are hired by global brands, event organizers and international sport federations to increase their media value.

Our own weekly-produced outdoor sports show “World of Freesports” is broadcasted in 50+ countries around the world and offers our clients a guaranteed exposure in the fast changing media landscape.

We deliver innovative outdoor sports programs that give the world a reason to cheer.

We are official supplier to leading news agencies Reuters, SNTV, ENEX, TASS, AFP and permanently contracted content supplier to the EBU and ABU.

With our business relations to the major companies in the growing digital media market, we are able to offer multiple usage alternatives.

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