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What we do #2

Our production area on the second floor offers an additional 150 m2 of state-of-the-art technology embedded in the charming ambience of an old farmhouse. The setting also offers an outdoor terrace with a BBQ area, scenic mountain views, a fully equipped kitchen and an indoor dining area.

The heart of the new production area are five editing suites located in inviting, spacious rooms, a fully equipped voice-over booth, a complete modern remote & hybrid LIVE studio control room with the latest Vizrt video switcher (up to 32 camera signals), 3Play Replay system, full audio control , graphics & AR, 3D animation, LiveU integration, IP-based Telos Intercom, various large screens allow for a relaxed work atmosphere and enable us to conduct complete remote productions. 

Sustainability is very important to us and with future-proof, state-of-the-art remote solutions, we help our clients to save money on travel costs, minimize necessary flights or car trips and hence enable the reduction of on-site staff and carbon emissions. Well thought out Cloud connection/s, the integration of Zoom & Teams video calls and up to 150 smartphones as an additional camera source are just as natural as a modern fiber optic connection with the necessary bandwidth and speeds.

All the described units of our production area can be rented with our staff or only for technical services and you bring your own personnel. 

quattro media is situated 35 km to the South-East of Munich, we are the only service provider of this kind in that region of the Bavarian foothills of the Alps and are also a perfect contact point between the Alps and Munich for third-party productions and editors.



Our 5 postproduction suites are equipped with modern Mac (Studio) with Adobe Premiere and Resolve with various plugins and effects packages, 27“ main screen and reference monitors, PreAmp with integrated EQ and Compressor, External Loudness Radar, high-quality monitor speakers, external scope monitors  for colour correction and connected to a centralized RAID for easy switching between suites and collaboration, seamless NDI integration between all suites, studio and incoming sources

Edit #1 South, 14 m2

Edit #2 South, 12 m2

Edit #3 North, 14 m2

Edit #4 North, 12 m2

Studio 1 South.jpg

Studio #1 South

Studio 2 South.jpg

Studio #2 South

Studio #2 South

Studio #2 South

Sudio 3 North.jpg

Studio #3 North

Studio 4 North.jpg

Studio #4 North




North, 18m2


Adjustable director's desk with up to 7 work desks for staff, seamless NDI connection to an additional five edit units which can be fully integrated into the production workflow to allow a modern production workflow with all the desired content output near-to-live.

Full Live Remote and Hybrid Production: Our incorporated Vizrt technology connects us to the systems, devices, software and resources that form our interconnected production environment for the most sophisticated productions, also under the most demanding of circumstances.​

Our solution is ready for the challenges of today's productions and tomorrow's demands, our philosophy for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly workflow, we are approaching every production with absolute confidence and want to help you creating the images you aim for. 

  • Vizrt Dual Row Control Panel (64 x crosspoints per row, 16 buttons with 4 delegate banks, 1 x multi-mode joystick 3-axis, PTZ control)

  • Newtec 3 Play Control Surface (VIZ Now)

  • 5 fast additional production computers, working as one for maximum redundancy

  • Behringer X Touch, Harrison Mixbus VBM, Cloud-Ready Broadcast Mixer

  • VizNow , real-time graphics, 3D and AR with Viz Trio and Viz Engine

  • Monitor bridge with 5 monitors

  • 2 huge 8K monitors Multiviewers

  • Fully integrated NDI workflow in a modern network infrastructure  

  • Ready for all common encode/decode formats and streaming platforms

  • Telos Infinity (IP-based, Virtual Intercom Platform)

  • Modern network infrastructure

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