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What we do #4



Our core business is media distribution and production - but we’re excited to announce that we are venturing into the world of marketing and sponsorship as of 2019.


Sport is and will stay a great tool to promote a brand. It creates brand awareness, connects people and is full of emotions. 

We won’t just sell sponsorships, we’ll create truly valuable partnerships. We will not just sell banner space to brands, we will fully integrate them in all aspects of the sports. We want to know the brand’s strategy and plans and only then create packages that make real sense. We do integrate influencers and community and create win-win scenarios for partners of our sports and their fans.

We offer worldwide media exposure, accompanying activation initiatives, access to very cooperative and interesting athletes, integration of your marketing objectives and regional preferences - and of course you can use all our footage for your purposes.


Our approach is that it’s better to completely claim a developing sport than being one of hundreds of brands buying banner space in the big mainstream sports.

We think there are better ways for brands to get involved with sports - find the smaller sports jewels, that offer creativity, innovation and flexibility - but also offer high return on investments. 

We will match the sports’ values with the brand’s values and will not come up with vague and generic phrases - there must and will be true matches. 

quattro media offers a unique package of media production and global distribution combined with sports marketing services to guarantee successful brand partnerships.

We live and breathe sports.

We love the outdoors.


We’re creative - but also commercial.


We’re innovative, inventive and love to experiment.


We’re digital and all of us love to tell a good story.


Content production is in our blood.


We tell stories to inform, entertain and inspire.


We love to help to develop outdoor sports.


We’re down to earth, honest and transparent.

We are looking for partners that share the same creative vision and see the potential of developing sports together with us - and therewith cultivate credibility, spark human interest, build brand awareness in an emotional environment and engage with the community as well as also a broader audience.

We are proud marketing partner of the following worldwide sports entities:



Kiteboarding is an action sport combining wakeboarding, snowboarding, windsurfing,
surfing, paragliding,skateboarding and sailing into one awesome sport. Kitesurfing is sensational to watch and full of excitement. Kitesurfing is the action sports of today - for everyone.

We work with the Global Kite Association to take the GKA Kite World Tour to the next level.

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The World Rowing Federation, FISA has been established in 1892 and is the governing body of the sport of rowing. FISA’s  vision is to encourage the development of the sport and strengthen the bonds that unite all who enjoy this sport.

We support FISA in acquiring value and CSR- led commercial partnerships.


The Golden Fly Series are the exclusive and international premium in-city athletic event series in the spectacular disciplines long-jump and pole-vault. Many of the world’s best athletes meet in iconic city centres to showcase their sport and battle it out for the coveted prizes. 

Originated in Innsbruck, Austria, the series will comprise of 4 events in 2020.

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