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Red Bull Romaniacs in Sibiu goes OTT with quattro media

In the 20th edition of the world's longest and toughest enduro rally, quattro media offered a special bonus to the global media landscape. In addition to daily news, highlights, and a half-hour magazine show, quattro media was tasked with globally distributing a 150-minute summary of all daily live streams.

This product was warmly received by international FAST channels and OTT platforms, and it is now broadcasted in more than 100 countries on platforms such as Amazon Freevee, Rakuten, Hisense, LG Channel, Xiaomi, Sportstribal, or Local Now, just to name a few.

Martin Freinademetz, the race's creator in 2004, takes pride in setting new standards with this anniversary edition: "Red Bull Romaniacs, 'The Impossible,' Edition 20, was truly one for the books, and the Carpathian Mountains certainly delivered."


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