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quattro media continues close cooperation with World Rowing

quattro media is delighted to announce its continued partnership with World Rowing for the highly anticipated 2023 season – focused around the 3 x World Rowing Cups, 1 x European Championships and 1 x World Championships. Building upon their successful past collaborations, quattro media will once again take on a diverse array of responsibilities that showcase the company's core values, including consulting, distribution, production, rights management, and programming sales. This extended collaboration underscores the mutual dedication of both organizations to advance the sport of rowing and elevate its global presence.

Leveraging their deep understanding of the sports media landscape, quattro media will help shape World Rowing's initiatives to enhance fan engagement and expand viewership. Moreover, quattro media will continue its pivotal role in global distribution, ensuring that rowing enthusiasts worldwide can enjoy the thrill and excitement of World Rowing events.

The collaboration also encompasses quattro media's exceptional production capabilities, which will be leveraged to elevate the quality and presentation of World Rowing events. Employing their state-of-the-art production capabilities and creative storytelling, quattro media will showcase the athleticism, endurance, and intense rivalries that define the sport of rowing. quattro media was selected to produce the LIVE World feed of the World Rowing Cup # 2 in Varese, Italy, which will take place in mid-June.

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