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Innovation in Motion: 2024 World Rowing Indoor Championships showcased a hybrid LIVE production with virtual races and in-venue rowers

The 2024 World Rowing Indoor Championships in Prague, Czech Republic, showcased a cutting-edge hybrid LIVE production that enriched the modern sports broadcasting landscape. With over 2000 entries from 50+ countries, the event itself and the broadcast production embraced an innovative approach, seamlessly blending live competition in Prague with virtual participation worldwide.

As competitors raced for titles across 120 categories over two days, the event captivated audiences with its immersive and inclusive viewing experience. The success of the 2024 championships reaffirmed quattro media's commitment to amplifying unique sporting experiences and adding value to the future of sports broadcasting. The collaboration between quattro media, World Rowing and the local organizers of the 2nd hybrid indoor rowing event proved to be a great success.


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