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High-end remote production of World Rowing Virtual Indoor Championships

The global Covid-19 pandemic forced many international sports federations to go new paths and develop innovative virtual event solutions - also World Rowing.

After being chosen by World Rowing to produce the 2021 World Rowing Virtual Indoor Rowing Championships, the first of its’ kind, the meticulous planning started and resulted in a smooth and appealing 3-day-live-hybrid-production at end of February.

Nearly 1000 athletes from 63 nations took part in these championships. The finalists raced live from their bedrooms, balconies, bathrooms, kitchens and gyms on Concept2 indoor rowing machines all over the globe. These individual races were then linked through our virtual studio, hosted by an anchor, with commentators calling the races from Australia to California, and suitable graphics applied to generate a great viewing experience.

The complexity of orchestrating over 500 video & data feeds during the three days was a challenge we enjoyed taking on and it worked out fantastically and gathered lots of attention in the sports world.


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