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quattro media secures global distribution deal for Challenge Roth 2024, the premier triathlon event

In the realm of long-distance triathlons, this event reigns supreme. Whether you're a triathlete, cheering from the sidelines, or volunteering, dreams are realized in this triathlon dream factory. And now, a dream has come true for quattro media too.

After years of ongoing talks, quattro media proudly announces a global media distribution agreement for the largest sports festival in the triathlon world in 2024, set for July 7th. Covering a grueling 3.8 km swim, 180 km cycle, and a 42.2 km run through Roth's triathlon district, this event promises emotions and goosebumps galore. From the iconic swim start at the Main-Danube Canal to the legendary “Solar Hill” and the magical finish line party in the triathlon stadium, unforgettable moments await.

With years of expertise in triathlon and endurance sports events, quattro media is set to elevate global awareness. Stay tuned for news, clips, exclusive interviews, and a full live feed with English commentary, bringing the excitement of the event to audiences worldwide.


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