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FIA Pure Motorsport & quattro media go into 3rd season

Major FIA Championships are benefiting from significant coverage and promotion efforts coming from the appointed championship promoters. However, many other unique championships (e.g. Formula Regional European Championships, F3 Asian Championships, Hill Climb, Autocross, Cross Car, Cross-Country Rallies, Regional Rallies, Karting, Truck Racing, Dragster, Drifting, Historic Motorsports or E-Rallies), especially where no promoter has been appointed, are not benefitting from such support, yet feature very engaging sport action and entertaining content.

To support the development of such championships and disciplines, quattro media is mandated by FIA for the 3rd year in a row to produce a package of 12x 26min captivating and electrifying magazine shows. This package of unique motorsports is called “FIA – Pure Motorsport”.


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