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The Client

The business relationship between Red Bull and  quattro media’s founder Peter Hertrampf goes back more than 25 years, starting already in 1994.  quattro media is a permanent service provider for global media distribution of news and long formats and chosen as a production company for several global projects.

The Challenge

From the very beginning the challenge has been clear and short , but at the same time complex: maximize eyeballs on all different media platforms.

Our Solutions

Until today, we have been in charge of global media distribution for more than 200 Red Bull projects, e.g. the FIVB Beachvolleyball Major Series,  The World Enduro Super Series (WESS) and the Wings for Life Worldrun.

We have worked on athlete activations with Lindsey Vonn, Felix Baumgartner, Tim Lobinger, Stefan Glowacz, Daron Rahlves, Thomas Morgenstern, Adam Malysz, David Lama, Jeremie Heitz and others.

Since 2009, we are responsible for the medialization and news production of the Red Bull Cliffdiving World Series.

Video: Highlights 2018 Season

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