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The Client

The Global Wingsports Association (GWA) has been founded in June 2020. The aim is to globally promote every aspect of wing foil, wing surf, wing board sports, and any other sport in which a wing is used on water, land or snow, in collaboration with the wing sports industry and community.

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The Challenge

The primary challenge emerged as a notable strength in this instance. Wingsports, characterized by its excitement, novelty, and rapid growth, initially appeared unconventional to journalists, media outlets, viewers, and brands. However, as these stakeholders delved deeper into the sport, they began to appreciate its fluidity and grace. Wingsports is also of special interest and appeals a wide range of people since it combines many elements of existing water- and land sports.

Our Solutions

Initially, our aim was to raise awareness for this newly introduced sport and its various disciplines. We seized the opportunity to capture footage of a sport that remained untapped and unexplored until 2020. Through meticulous evaluation of World Cups with the highest market potential for extensive media exposure, we embarked on introducing it to TV channels, digital and social media platforms, DOOH, and other partners. Over the years, we nurtured these media relationships, resulting in the attraction of more fans and viewers, culminating in the first sponsorship deals for the GWA (Global Wingsports Association), alongside the establishment of a comprehensive tour calendar featuring multiple events worldwide.


Video: GWA Cape Verde 2023 Event Highlights

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