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The Client

The Fédération International de Luge (FIL) is the highest authority in all matters concerning the sport of luge and is officially recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as the world federation of the sport of luge. 52 countries are currently members of the FIL.  The federation organizes World Cups, European Championships and World Championships in artificial track luge and natural track luge.

The Challenge

The 2014/2015 season marked the beginning of quattro media’s cooperation with the FIL in its Natural Track Luge category. The clear goal was to extend the overall media reach of the Natural Track Luge World Cup,  World and European Championships.

Our Solutions

We evaluated and monitor all production partners and created a detailed concept for all media products.

We successfully executed increase of media reach with news, clips and highlight shows.

We constantly increase the quality of the content and storytelling to educate audience and increase the number of eyeballs.

We repeatedly fine-tune our approach together with FIL to keep delivering strong results - also in the digital media landscape.

Video: The World of Natural Track Luge

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